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I´ve been fortunate to gain the support of a number of brands over the years, and for that I am very graetful. It´s worth mentioning that I don´t partner with brands that I don`t fully trust and believe in, and am always open and honest with my feedback regarding products or races.

If you are interested in partnering with me, whether kit reviews, races or nutrition, then I would be excited to hear from you. You can get in touch via or via one of the social media channels linked through this page.


I have been fortunate enough and feel honoured to be a member of the ASICS Frontrunner family, since it`s initial launch in the UK in April 2017. The Frontrunner family is a group of likeminded and passionate athletes who`s goal is to inspire movement within their surrounding communities. The group of people who I am lucky enough to now call my friends, meets regularly for races, product launches, volunteering projects, community runs and much more.

If you would like to know more about ASICS Frontrunner, you can find a link to my ASICS profile here. If you are interested to know more about specific ASICS products you reach out to me personally or visit their webiste here.


Whilst a relatively new brand to the maket, SUNGOD is taking the world by storm. Cutting edge materials, 4KO lenses, adventure proof build quality... the list goes on. I´ve recently started wearing both the sunglasses and the ski goggles, after getting fed up with glasses that slipped off my nose or were just not comfortable to wear during sports. The Renegades are my favourites so far, and looking forward to test driving them properly this coming summer of 2019. By the way, all glasses come with a lifetime guarantee. Show me another brand that offers that nowadays! 


Their motto is #FuelledByScience and thats exactly what this brand is about. Taking the latest in sports nutrition research and applying it to their products to help not just professional athletes, but everyday people too. I´ve been using SiS products literally as long as I can remember. I have a photo of me taking an SiS gel at mile 20 of the marathon during Ironman Wales in 2009. Their innovation is second to none, and you only need to look at the teams that use their products to know this is the real deal. I´m proud to be an ambassador for this brand, and look forward to great things in 2019. Check out their website here.



Founded by adventurer and explorer Tom, Athletic Tea was created to find a solution to the energy slumps and sugar crashes resulting from other performance drinks and caffeine in general. Slow, steady release energy is achieved for athletes through a unique blend of ingredients, specifically designed for athletes. Energise, Perform and Recover are the main focus blends, with both traditional pyramid style bags and Matcha powder packs available. 

I´m a big fan of this company, and have been using their tea since the beginning of 2018. My personal favourite is the Cocoa & Ginger tea, which is amazing for early mornings and long meetings. You can find out more by visiting there site here


Jaybird as a brand has been around since 2006, but has really burst onto the scene the past couple of years with the development of their incredible wireless headphones. Designed by athletes for athletes, their headphones really are some of the best on the market. There is nothing more annoying mid track set than earbuds falling out, wires getting tangled or lost down your running top, or just poor sound quality. It has driven me mad for years!


I have used the Jaybird Run headphones extensively this year, and cannot envisage ever going back to wired headphones. To check them out or learn more, you can visit their website here.



Oofos shoes have been around for a little while now, and when I first came across the brand I wasn´t 100% convinced. They were recommended by a friend who had a stress fracture at the time, as basically super comfy flip flops. I tried them and am happy to say I am a complete convert, these things are literally the most comfortable things you will wear. I´m not just saying that.

I always stick a pair in my bag for post marathon or especially ultras. There is nothing quite like taking your shoes and socks off after 20+ hours of running and slipping these bad boys on. Give them a go, you won´t be disappointed. Check out their site here


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