Upcoming Events

I thought it might also be cool to put down a list of upcoming events and races. Primarily so my girlfriend can´t then get mad at me as they are set in stone (sorry Julia!), but also if anyone else is running, racing or supporting it would be great to connect. Sharing rides, apartments or going for a coffee post race is all part of the fun. Just get in touch and hope to see you on the start line!

2020 was really a crazy write off for races, and I don't think 2021 is going to be much better. However, hopefully we can reach some sort of normality again and some races will be back in the diary. If nothing else, I think race organizers will have learnt how to navigate the pitfalls of racing in a new 'Covid environment' - whether its masks on the start line, no race briefing, limited spectators or whatever.

So far I have the below penciled in:

June 19th 2021 - Scenic Trail, K27 - Switzerland

June 26th 2021 - Marathon du Mont Blanc, Chamonix

August 27th 2021 - UTMB (ballot TBC), Chamonix