About Me

Firstly, thank you for visiting Jon Baguley Running. The idea behind this site is to create a hub for all the cool stuff relating to outdoors, sports and all things adventure. The hope is that it will provide a useful place for you to find interesting blogs, reviews and inspiration to follow your passion. Perhaps even to get you to sign up to your first 5km, half marathon, triathlon or Ultra!

So, a bit about me. I´ve always loved the outdoors having grown up in the beautiful Cotswolds region of the UK. I grew up hiking with my family, playing sports and generally being outside. I was never a particularly athletic kid at school, and always struggled with my weight. That changed a bit later in life when I lost around 15 kg (2 and a half stone in UK money) with a view to better my health. I got into the gym and cleaned up my diet, but I never really found my true passion.

In 2008 I lost my dad to prostate cancer, and decided to run my first marathon to raise money for charity. I trained hard, and successfully completed the Dublin Marathon in 3 hours 52 minutes. I had found my calling, and ever since I have been in pursuit of all things adventure. 

I´ve never kept a race diary, so writing this made me think a little about the races I have completed to date. It´s by no means 100% accurate but approximately I have now completed:


50+ marathons, 1 x 162 (100 miler), 10+ x 50km+ ultras, 6 x 100km+ ultras, 6 x half Ironmans, SwimRun (50km run, 7km swim), I have competed for GBR age group at the European Half Ironman Championships in Denmark in 2017, and completed full Ironman (Ironman Wales). The longest I have run for non-stop is 31 hours. You can find a full list of my races and achievements under the ´About´ tab in the menu bar. 

I now live in Zurich, Switzerland with my partner Julia, where I work full time. I hope you enjoy the site, please get in touch to let me know what you think.

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