About Me

Firstly, thank you for visiting Jon Baguley Running. The idea behind this site is to create a home for all the content that I am creating relating to outdoors, sports and all things adventure. The hope is that it will a useful place for you to find interesting blogs, reviews and inspiration to follow your passion.

So, a bit about me. I´ve always loved the outdoors having grown up in the beautiful Cotswolds region of the UK. I grew up hiking with my family, playing sports and generally being outside. I was never a particularly athletic kid at school, and always struggled with my weight. That changed when I reached my later teenage years when I lost around 2 and a half stone or 15kg with a view to better my health. I got into the gym and cleaned up my diet, but I never really found my true passion.

In 2008 I lost my dad to prostate cancer, and decided to run my first marathon to raise money for charity. I trained hard, and successfully completed the Dublin Marathon in 3 hours 52 minutes. I had found my calling, and ever since I have been in pursuit of all things adventure. 

I have now completed 18 marathons, 10 ultra-marathons including 6 races over 100km, Ironman, 5 half Ironmans, SwimRun and competed for GBR age group at the European Half Ironman Championships in Denmark in 2017. You can find a full list of my races and achievement here.

I now live in Zurich, Switzerland with my partner Julia, where I work full time in international real estate. 

I hope you enjoy the site, and please get in touch to let me know what you think or if you want to know more. 

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